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Website Weirdness

I've gotten a few messages about the barebones look of the website.  This is a temporary condition due to hosting issues and high volume traffic.  We removed the dynamic content from the Home page to keep the website from becoming unavailable, while the Webmasters are away hunting and fishing in the Wilderness for a few days.  All of the content is still there, if you navigate to it.  


Sorry for any inconvenience.  We are working to get the site up to a robust and stable state for the upcoming Spring Species Contest.





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Thanks for all y'all do to

Thanks for all y'all do to keep this site up and going. It's a great resource!

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Sign in crazies and contest mixups

Okay, Andy - I thought Drew was the webmaster - but maybe you are? With no webmaster link, I have no way of knowing!  Anyway, the password for myself (Lepomis), my wife (tucunare) and my son (fish tackler) were lost somehow this weekend. (We all have the same password for simplicity's sake.) I've reset my wife's and mine back to what it was, but Jonathan's is still lost. Being 9, he has no email addess, and it's useless requesting through mine or my wife's account as the auto request function only recognizes the username of the sender.  So what to do? I do not want to set up a new account, as he already has loads of correspondence, a lifelist, and several contest entries already this year. ALSO - I mistakenly entered a Green Sunfish in the contest while signed in as my wife, so it went to her standings. Can you please delete it from hers? I've already added it to mine. Thanks, and PLEASE put a webmaster contact button somewhere on the home page. Thanks again!  

David F. Henderson