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vote best fish/best photo 2013

Don't vote for yourself! Its so tough to pick, but I vote hengelaar,s lake sturgeon as best fish cause I was there and it was a giant. True magic right there, what a fight! For best photo I vote Tony s lake trout. Beautiful fish, beautiful surroundings.

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Hengelaar's Lake sturgeon als

Hengelaar's Lake sturgeon also for best fish. It was a beast and amazingly well played for such a small area, things could have gone bad very very fast.

Andy's Bowfin for best photo. 

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Cast and Blast's Rudd for bes

Cast and Blast's Rudd for best photo.

Jknuths Bighead Carp for best fish.

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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For best fish I was tempted t

For best fish I was tempted to go with dwalc400's pike barely bigger than the button. Then decided to go with a tie between Andy's black redhorse and Hengelaar's burbot.
MadelynMae's redbreast sunfish for best photo.


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Dang it is tough to pick with

Dang it is tough to pick with so many awesome fish and pictures, many already mentioned.  So I'm just gonna go with fish I witnessed the capture of.  Can't vote for my dad's Laker, he never entered the contest - a gnarly old beast that fish she was.

Best pic to - RF29 - Berb's Burb - definately displays the crazy wild-eyed look all proper burbot anglers develope during sleep deprieved nights in the windy, rain, snow and cold - not to mention a previous attempt at this lifer where he straddled the line between ice fishing and open water fishing...


Best fish to Hengelaar's Lake Trout - not the biggest trout I've ever seen but it was solid and pretty and know how much work went into it - he definately earned that lifer.  Amazed he kept his sanity that long, nice pic too.

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Tough to choose...

But for best photo? I'd say that damn shirt of Vnnie's. Button Brigade baby! And best fish? Still a toss up. So many to pick from and a lot of 'em are really good. Jury's still out.

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Always tough...

But I'll vote best photo to Andy's River Redhorse, just an all around nice looking photo, and a helluva fish to boot.

Best fish I too will give to Hengelaar's Lake Trout. Much adventure and frustration that preceded him before that fish, it was well earned indeed.

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too many to choose from

But hard choices must be made. Best fish: Hengelaar's beautiful black beast of a lake sturgeon. I have been there and I know how difficult a challenge it is to land one of those monsters in that current without losing the fish to the rapids or the snags. Best photo: Andy's River Redhorse. The kind of photograph worthy of being immortalized in an oil painting... that is one gorgeous fish and an epic photograph.

Can I vote for more? Please??? The longnose suckers courtesy of TonyS and friends, and josh's bighead carp all demand recognition, as do those summer burbot and many many others!!

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I like Gijs' smallmouth buffa

I like Gijs' smallmouth buffalo. Just an overall nicely composed photo.