Using pack bait in minnesota

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Using pack bait in minnesota

Hey I’m from Minnesota and I can’t find anywhere if it is illegal to use a method feeder with pack bait to catch carp can anyone help me, I don’t want to break the law.

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pack bait

I suspect that most would interpret pack bait as illegal in MN though it is certainly not explicitly listed anywhere.  That said I did see a guy with pack bait gear a couple weeks back on a lake in the Metro.

The MN DNR released a statement on "baitcloud" - which is a product that I think many in the enforcement realm would consider similar.


Of course, the best bet if you want an  opinion on regulation interpetation would be to reach out to your local CO.  I've done it a few times and whether I agree or not with their interpretation, they are the ones who enforce it so that's a valuable opinion.


All that said, you don't need pack bait to catch carp.  Especially not in MN where there are fair numbers of Carp and generally low angling pressure on them.  I'm sure it would work well though.

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Thank you for the response

Thank you for the response appreciate the advice.

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I've asked CO in Minnesota

I've asked CO in Minnesota about the use of corn as a carp attractant. The few times I have, I have recieved confused or neutral responses. My impression is that a CO is unlikely to consider the use of corn or groundbait littering until you are measuring it in 10s of pounds. If you dump a 50lb bag of corn at your favorite carp hole, yes they might get you on littering. If you throw in a few handfuls, probably not.