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Uncut Angling
<p>I dont watch TV but catch a few shows online, I&#39;m not one for most fishing shows but this one is THE BEST hands down. No staged hooksets, pure fishing excitement. It started off as a youtube channel by two local boys and recently they landed a deal with a major outdoors network with all shows still ending up online a month after airing, still plenty of bonus online content as well.</p> <p><a href="http://www.youtube.com/user/uncutangling?feature=watch">http://www.youtube.com/user/uncutangling?feature=watch</a></p> <p>Every episode and segment are awesome from giant musky and slab crappies to carp and burbot. Check some out when you have some time to spare.</p>
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Yep, that show is good shit.

Yep, that show is good shit. Our own SK Justin has shared the water with those boys more than once

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 Educational and overall nice

 Educational and overall nice videos.  I always prefer plastic for muskies, even over live bait. 

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Yeah I watch that show too! I like that they fish for almost everything!

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That is by far one of the best fishin shows I've seen. Got some great comedy to it also.

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I love that show!

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Uncut Angling

I've known Aaron and Jay since long before they had a show, and I've fished with them on and off camera. They are the real deal. Awesome multi-species anglers and awesome dudes all around. They aren't afraid to push boundaries and test new waters, including rough fish species. 

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Uncut - The Force is strong!

I followed Aaron W through NAFC - Bounty Angling - Angling Masters and knew he was going to get a gig on TV - They are MAD anglers and Renegades of Funk! 

I hope they come fish with me in AK one day!


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Yeah their show is definitely

Yeah their show is definitely a refreshing new look at angling on television... the monotony of fishing shows is painful but they do a lot of entertaining albeit off the wall educational stuff too.   I have toyed with the idea of shooting some stuff for Alligator Gar this summer with Aaron Weibe but who knows if anything will come of it. 


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the bearded angler
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That sounds like it could mak

That sounds like it could make for some good footage David!!