The "uncatchable" armored catfish!!!

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The "uncatchable" armored catfish!!!

Heres another invasive species tirade courtesy of the news:

" Catching the South American natives can be difficult, as the armored catfish reportedly are not baited by fishing hooks and must instead be caught by nets or even spears."

I guess the ones in the life list must of been speared, since its the only way! (Sarcasm). Do reporters even do research anymore? no;_ylt=AnOlkn_GzyG30cjcBurxfQKs0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNtdjI3NWdxBG1pdANUb3BTdG9yeSBGUARwa2cDMGFhYTRjOGQtODBhMS0zNTAxLTk0MTktNzhiZDQzZDJhMjlkBHBvcwMxOQRzZWMDdG9wX3N0b3J5BHZlcgNiYjgyN2U4Mi04ZDdmLTExZTEtOWI3Zi1mNjViNzU5MzdhMzI-;_ylg=X3oDMTFrM25vcXFyBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdAMEcHQDc2VjdGlvbnMEdGVzdAM-;_ylv=3



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I'm sure the largemouth,

I'm sure the largemouth, peacocks, snakeheads, gar, and native catfish are eating some of them... I've seen (not only on here) plenty of reports of them being caught, so maybe this guy at Yahoo just sucks at roughfishing......




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Hopolo are easily caught with

Hopolo are easily caught with small hooks and baits, Ive caught them from multiple bodies of water...


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In case anyones taking it out

In case anyones taking it out of context, I'm not saying they are uncatchable, I'm mocking the media for saying it. Its unbelievable, if it doesn't bite a bass lure, its "uncatchable" and needs to be speared, give me a break crying

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kernel j
Your context is clear

I think it's a product of people "looking" for a story, many fish reports are.  It is interesting, though.


A species of "armored catfish" are damaging South Florida's lakes, causing coastal erosion and even burrowing holes that trip up humans walking along the water's edge.

In addition to contributing to erosion, the armored catfish lay their eggs in 18-inch-deep holes along the water's edge, creating potentially dangerous foot traps for people walking in the water.

An aquatic woodchuck!  I can see where it'd suck, but after living a few decades in beaver territory my sympathy is curiousy lacking here.  Walking around there probably doesn't help with the erosion problem, either.    



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Sorry, still a newbie here on

Sorry, still a newbie here on the forum. I have been under the impression that armored cats of the Genus Loricariidae (i.e. plecostomus) are quite difficult to catch on baited hook, considering that they are designed to rasp algae off flat surfaces... Can anyone post some links to reports where people are gotten them via hook and line? They are quite a common sight in Asian canalways and I have always wanted to catch one on hook and line but never figured out a way to tempt them to bite. Obviously different species may have different feeding preferences, but at least it will give me a starting point when I go visit Asia next time! Thanks!!

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I've got a Pleco!

Alright guys, I have a 14" Armored Catfish (Pleco) in my tank and he eats the sinking pellets and flake food that sinks down.  He sucks the food up like a Sturgeon, but he doesn't move around alot, only food thats within 4-6 inches or so.  When the flakes fall like snow, you can tell he gets excited.  He usually starts undgulating his body and his pectoral fins jitter.  Maybe I should try a couple baited hooks and see what he likes.  As we seem to be finding out....all fish can be fairly hooked if the right circumstances and presentation is offered, like the odd Paddlefish hittin jigs and Buffalo hitting swimbaits.  I bet he'd eat a hook!  I'll try some stuff with him.

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That dude was bein pretty

That dude was bein pretty gentle with the snakehead..