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Mike B
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<p>It&#39;s officially between seasons right now. I guess I&#39;ll have to contend with the birds, and I&#39;m not talking about Blue Jays.<br /> <img alt="" src="" style="width: 670px; height: 800px;" /></p>
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Man those ptarmagins must be thick if you can bag that many with a rifle! Or are you that Good?! Wow dude, kick ass.
Dr Flathead
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Man, look at all that white s

Man, look at all that white shit on the ground!  That sucks...

Mike B
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Andy: I like to think I'm pre

Andy: I like to think I'm pretty good, haha, most of those spruce grouse were head shots, but it's a pretty good hunting area. We just walk some wood cuts until we flush some and then try to pay attention to what trees they land on and then slowly pick them off. They will usually stay nice and still for you after flushing them so you can approach within 30 feet without flushing them again. You can limit out (10) with a couple hours on a good day. My personal favourite game bird to eat.

Doc Flathead: October to May buddy.

mike b

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Those bad boys look delicious

Those bad boys look delicious... beautiful feathers, too. 

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As if we needed any further e

As if we needed any further evidence that Mike B is the man!

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Hey glad you have another are

Hey glad you have another area for birding after the incineration of your other one.




Mike B
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Way further though Eli -- two

Way further though Eli -- two hour drive. I really hope we're done with the forest fires. A really beautiful spot I took my family to earlier this summer with a great run of whitefish got burnt to shit three weeks later. Too many nice places have been wrecked by fires the last two years.

Thanks for the kind words Deftik. It's easy to be good when you got birds flying left and right around you.


mike b

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That is amazing.  I agree, those are my favorite game bird as well.  Think of all those feathers for fly tying.

Just your run of the mill Orvis Boy.  Fly fishing elitist.  I cannot hear you over my false casting.  All guided trips every day.

Fishing for compliments since 88.

SK Justin
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Deadly shirt! So bad assed.

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A few feathered friends...

Thought I'd add a couple of my birds from this Fall --






Happy Hunting to y'all!

Mike B
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Those wood ducks are gorgeous

Those wood ducks are gorgeous Andy. I wish we had them.

My wife bought me the shirt a couple a years ago Justin on the promise I only wear it hunting and fishing. No wearing it to play group. Seven Churches was my favourite album when I was 15.

mike b

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Some quality hackle there, Mi

Some quality hackle there, Mike, start tying some new dry flies! Oh, and food too :).