turtles in the road

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turtles in the road
<p>Unfortunately, this is something that occurs every spring.</p> <p>I&#39;m wondering if anyone knows what the most appropriate course of action is.</p> <p>I&#39;ve been picking them up and bringing them to the&nbsp;side of the road (in the direction they&#39;re heading)..</p> <p>But I&#39;m wondering if it might be better to drive them to a riverbank with no road near by?</p>
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I like turtles!

I've always done as you do, I'd be curious if there is a better option.   Of course I don't move Softshells (never seen one on a road anyway), they move pretty fast and would probably try and take out a car if it got too close...

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Yep, I've always heard and

Yep, I've always heard and read that that's the thing to do.

Man, if you drive them to a riverbank, that might not be their hood at all. Maybe the got bad blood there...


Toitles is cool.

Of course we don't have any here. Apart from a few aquarium releases here and there.

Fishn sure is neat

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Yes get them to the other

Yes get them to the other side of the road. They are most often looking for nesting sites (depending on the species)

Turtle 911
I just ferried a feisty, fire-bellied painted turtle across a busy road near my house yesterday - wasn't heading across the road to lay eggs as I positively ID'd him a "him." (concave belly shell). Slammed on the brakes as soon as I saw him nearly turned into pavement paint, scooched onto the narrow gravel shoulder, put on the hazards, jumped out and dodged oncoming 50 mph traffic to make the grab and play "Frogger" to get back to the car. I think the turtle probably viewed my rescue more like an alien abduction - he was clawing, hissing and trying to take a few fingers off - kinda hard to steer while holding a freaked-out 3-ish pound turtle. Drove him about 200 yds down and across the road to a backyard (natural) pond. No water of any kind for several miles in any direction on the opposite side of the road, so he must've been hiking cross country in the hot sun for a while...when I set him down at the edge of the pond, it took him a few minutes to get his bearings before scampering into the cool, dark water ~ hopefully just in time...lucky scuz
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I rescued two common snappers
I rescued two common snappers a few days ago. Some lady asked if i was animal control.
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I put a few diamondback

I put a few diamondback terrepins in my car because they wouldn't stop running into the road after I placed them on either side of the road. I drove them 500ft down the road and placed them near the creek. They were calm and docile when I was carrying them. They were even pretty chill when I put them in my car. As soon as the car started moving they went nuts and started climbing everywhere. One almost climbed over my center console and onto my lap! I don't know if moving them was the right thing to do but they seemed to prefer the pavement to either grassy side of the road.

Downsize your gear, increase your fun, and make it a fair fight!

Jason E.
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I've moved a few to the side

I've moved a few to the side of the road too.  Mostly just painted turtles, since they're "friendly."

"I've moved a few to the side

"I've moved a few to the side of the road too.  Mostly just painted turtles, since they're "friendly."

Those are the best types of turtles, to be honest. wink