Trout, Gila IvanTortuga



Frye Mesa, AZ
Date Caught: 
Sunday, May 7, 2017


Desert Angler's picture

Nice catch! Beautiful fish.

IvanTortuga's picture

The only bad thing about catching these guys is how much they fight once out of the water. This was my 4th one and the one directly prior to it was noticably larger and had more of the typical mono-gold coloration. It was a fun trip I'll likely make a report once I get back from my trip. You'd have no problem driving up to Frye Mesa with your jeep!

SomewhereDownstream's picture

I'm jealous. 


FP4LifesDad's picture

My folks winter in Tucson and we were talking about going down there some winter and doing some fishing, so I was studying the species in AZ, that area is a bit of drive but not too bad, the only thing was worrying me was that was what I'd heard about getting to it can be super sketchy!  Nice fish, congrats man.

IvanTortuga's picture

As long as you have four wheel drive and high clearance you should be fine. I was worried too until I tried, it's far better than most forest roads in AZ.