Trout, Brown Gr8b8



New river at Pembroke boat launch, Va
Date Caught: 
Sunday, January 27, 2019
Didn't catch my musky today but I'm happy with a 18" brown trout considering that trout are very rare in the mainstem New River.


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That's one mighty fine invasive trash fish!  One of my favorite spots too.




Let there be fire!

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FYI, Virginia Tech boat shocked the entire pool there yesterday and caught only one musky and no trout. Other large species shocked up were smallmouth bass, northern hogsucker, white sucker, and a lone Hybrid bass. Slim pickings this time of year.

Hunter J- Greenway

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I'm just now seeing this, but I ate lunch at the Mexican place in Pembroke yesterday (and highly recommend it).  Didn't get to fish, but I'll be heading over there soon.




Let there be fire!