Trout, Brown football58



Tule River, CA
Date Caught: 
Tuesday, June 26, 2018


DocEsox's picture

Pretty color on this fish but it is not a brown trout, it is a brook trout without question.

It has cool colors but it's no brookie

Amia Calva's picture

It has orange spots with a pale halo and a dark spot with a halo, the adipose fin is orange and it doesn't have the typical brook trout markings on the caudal fin. 


Would be nice to zoom in more to be sure, and I can't see if there is white on the pectoral and anal fins so I'm not 100%

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no white leading edges on pecs -- hence, Brown

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

Corey's picture

 This one of the coolest-looking brown trout I've seen. Looks almost like an Ohrid Trout.

Near Camp Nelson: (here's some blogger that also caught one like it.)