Trout, Brown

<p>Hello roughfishermen&nbsp;I just wanted to share a little bit about this fish. In the first pic this fish is frozen. This is the exact same fish as the fish in the second pic. Me (NLBassin), Phil, and Matt (carpchaser) were out fishing together yesterday for trout. Now we had decided to keep our fish. I got one pretty quickly. It was after sundown and I&nbsp;was trying to take a picture of the trout. Matt was trying to help me by shining a light on the fish. I quickly snapped a couple shots without&nbsp;realizing they were blurry(pic below is the original). I threw him into a plastic bag and then into my backpack. We arrived at home around 1 am and I was so tired that I threw the trout into the freezer and told my mom I would fleit them tommorow. After my baseball game this morning I looked at my photos from yesterday. Seeing that it was blurry I thought my trout would get DQed so I took my frozen trout to the backyard and got a couple good photos. I saw that you could tell that the fish was frozen so I decided to tell you guys about why the trout was frozen.</p> <p>Thanks</p> <p>Noah</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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Thanks for the explanation! Thankfully, I think the fish is easily IDable in the blurry picture, but we can all appreciate your desire to be safe rather than sorry :) 


Also, you are lucky - you got to fish with Matt and Phil!

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Greach Catch!