Trout, Brown

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Fishn sure is neat

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whoaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is a BEAST!!!!!!!!!! did you get a measurement of that beauty?

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About 33 inches and 18.25 # - it was a shocking jolt to look down and come face to face with this beast!  Goes to show that you never know what's down there eyeing your drifted crawler.  This was just one highlight of an awesome road trip - report to come.

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I told you guys I would not be surprised if you called to tell me you caught a 10 or 12lb trout.....I didn't expect an 18!  congrats on a fish of a lifetime thats still swimming.

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It was a shocking sight when that fish was netted and landed on the floor of the boat. I'm happy we didn't sink the boat with all of us on that one side while bringing up that fish.

"There's always a bigger fish"