Trouble with Roundup Shirts Shrinking?

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Trouble with Roundup Shirts Shrinking?

Howdy Cowpokes,


Has anyone had problems with Roundup shirts from past years shrinking?


The two shirts from last year were from different manufacturers, both 100% cotton and (alledgedly) pre-shrunk. The green shirts from last year were a brand I've used for a dozen different shirt designs and not personally heard of shrinking problems, but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. The gray shirts from last year (with the cartoon shorthead) were something I hadn't used before. I didn't handle the printing for the tan shirts from the 2010 Roundup, so I'm not sure about them.


I don't think it makes too big a difference on price or printing quality to go with a Cotton/Poly shirt if most people prefer those. I'd be interested to know what people have found. Please PM me or post your thoughts here.




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I have both the shirts from

I have both the shirts from last year and neither one shrunk on me at all.

It is all perspective!

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My pout shirt shrunk a bit

My pout shirt shrunk a bit its now much shorter then it was. Thats why i wanted to go with an XXL this time. 
before you all comment I am sure it isnt me growing :D

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Started short

became shorter.

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I personally blame it on my

I personally blame it on my wife's washing skills...


I mentioned this to JK because one person told me they weren't going to get any more gathering shirts because they shrink, and then heard another person mention similar issues.  I thought about it and yeah, my shirts shrunk a bit too.  I figured (hard to deny the proof) that I've grown over the last few years, so I was just living with it.  But then I started to think about it.  I get 3-4 work tshirts a year, some of which are from as long ago as 1999 (dated with a year on them) that I wear and they fit the same as they did in '99.  But anything in the past 4 years, where we switched from 50/50 shirts to 100% cotton, everything is tighter after a couple washings.  Maybe I should just give in and accept that I need an XL, but I thought I'd at least see if there were options that didn't shrink as much.