Trip saving monster Bluespotted Cornetfish!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

After going on a charter in Honolulu Oahu and getting skunked I was looking forward to our second charter that we booked in Kona!  The guide looked awesome and didn’t just troll he used tactics like jigging and casting as well!  However on Tuesday, the morning of the fishing trip, at 5 am we wake up to a text from the guide saying the trip is cancelled because “it looks like it’s going to rain all day”. Dissapointed and mad I fished almost all day around our hotel with no luck except for two lost fish.  Somehow my dad was able to find another guide for the following day.  I woke up with excitement because I knew if I was to ever catch a Marlin this would be the place to do it. My excitement faded as each hour went by mindlessly pulling lures behind the boat and with one strike and miss from a spearfish to show for it.  I didn’t fish the rest of the day, which is saying a lot because we were off the boat by 11. On Our last morning Thursday my dad and I got up early and took a kayak out in front of our hotel and with in a minute of trolling I almost lost my rod to this beast of a cornetfish!  After taking a couple of pics and releasing the beauty I got an earful from the snorkeling instructor who wasn’t happy that I caught her favorite fish at the beach I reassured her that the fish is infact still alive and is going to be okay(using a boga grip is so helpful especially a trip like this, you can handle fish you aren’t familiar with safely and keep them in the water without fear of losing them before a pic!) This fish saved the fishing aspect of the trip!  Oh yeah and by the way the day it was “supposed to rain all day” it barely drizzled and we spent the whole day at the beach...  I’m also wondering how long you all would estimate this fish to be including the tail filament.  I have my own estimate just curious!


Dr Flathead's picture

That thing is super awesome.  Never seen anything like it before.  I bet it was around 50-55 inches.

Graceclaw's picture

Wow, what a unique fish! Glad you got to catch something wacky, even though you missed your target species. How was the fight?

smurph's picture

I was trolling with one of my big cat/pike rods and it almost ripped it out of my kayak.  It then pulled drag and dug deep on a fully tightened drag on my abu Garcia ambasaduer!

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Such a unique species! I'm pretty sure cornetfish are closely related to seahorses. Man what a awesome catch! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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That’s sweet and I didn’t know that thanks!

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Man, that is a rad catch! Those are crazy looking fish. How do they even exist?!

And extra cool that you caught that fish without a guide, just doing your own thing.

Fishn sure is neat

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Dude that is awesome!  Congrats on an amazing catch buddy!

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What a weird but awesome looking fish! Nice catch!

Isaac W