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Tomato Fertilizer
Casey Shanaberger
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Can't believe someone would just shoot a fish like that. 

2017 Undisputed Iowa Small Drum and Creek Chub Champion

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Bowfishing Records
The bowfishing lobby has been demanding to have the Minnesota DNR start tracking bowfishing records as well. My counter-argument is it rewards people for shooting eels and blue suckers and black buffalo and river redhorse en masse, searching out every rare species of fish to shoot bigger and bigger ones to get a certificate.

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I don't have a problem with bowfishermen-I used to know a guy who sustainably shot and ate carp, and I really don't see how that's any different than us killing a fish-but I definitely have a problem with wasting a life, under any circumstances. I think that using fish for fertilizer is simply an excuse to kill things just for the sake of killing things; basically the bowfishing equivalent of "feeding the raccoons". I also have to point out that if that was a record trout being used to push up tomatoes, if outdoor life displayed pictures of a dumpster full of dead bass, there would be an outrage. It's just a lack of respect for the animal, which is something we could probably all learn a bit more of.

Sermon over.


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Bowfishing records

Myself, I think there should be one all tackle record for each species that includes any legal technique. Honestly, I'm going to bet that trying to catch, say, a muskie on two pound test for the record is probably worse than bowfishing records, although they could become a problem. That would simplify things a lot, too.


Dr Flathead
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Bowfishing is a lame waste of

Bowfishing is a lame waste of time.  Nothing more than target practice in most cases.  And not safe for the general public to be around, especially when these guys are shooting up your local public shore spots.  But its the guys in the boats that do most of the pointless killing.  Their the ones who can get closest to the fish and get the easy shots shining them at night.  Pointless, talentless, wasteful and stone age.  I think they should do away with the whole thing together unless a guy does it for food purposes.  Taking thousands of pounds of fish and using them for fertilizer or just dumping in gereral has to stop.  Its just not right.  Not even if its just Common Carp, much less native species.  If its allowed at all, they should have to take a safety course for sure.  Also a seperate license fee because its not angling.  And it would never happen, but maybe a class teaching the differences in fish and the benefits of native species.  Kind of like how other countries make anglers take classes to get their fishing licenses.  That applies to hook and line anglers here in this country, too.  I think there should be more education in general in the angling community.  I think it would be good for our country.

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They make shiining for deer at night illegal, they dont let us use lighted lures for fishing and yet there are NO laws regarding the shooting of fish at night or otherwise with massive lights and noisy generators and obnoxious equpitment. Something just aint right about that!! when will the big wigs who sign the dotted lines pull their heads from the butts and make bowfishing regulated/illegal? There absolutley needs to be more education in the angling community like Doc said and maybe, hopefully there will be a turn in the right direction to help protect the fish in the future who cannot protect themselves. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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bowfishing shmofishing

There are important ethical standards we should have as sportsman. For example with bowhunting, you get a good, clean shot or you dont take the shot at all. Remember, you may have to track what you shoot, Fishing is the same. If you catch a fish thats endangered, undersized, or not your intended quarry, you thank it for a nice fight and let it go to grow and maybe be caught another day. These are golden rules we're taught  early at the start in the spirit of respect and reverence for nature, and our place in it. Fish can be blinded by lights and shot through the tail,  There is no such thing as  shoot and release. These standards are completely lost with bowfishing. 


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Bowfishing again

I don't think that the practice of shooting fish with bows is a problem, I think that the problem is the same one wasteful fishermen (of all persuasions) share with the worst of the hunting community and all sorts of poachers: a profound lack of respect for fish, deer, and all kinds of other living things. I think that there are an annoying number of anglers who throw "trash fish" up the bank and an annoying number of bowfishermen who use their fish as fertilizers, but in both cases I think that most people fish legally, sustainably, and ethically, and are generally nice enough guys. And as far as safety, you have to remember that we're propelling barbed pieces of lead through the air, too, and that our flying pieces of barbed lead are often actually less controlled. We also have to remember that we get pretty pissed with fly guys who pound on us for the way we fish, and that the US has 60 million fishermen as of 2006. A group like that could get a lot more done fighting the big issues than fighting each other.

Just a few thoughts.


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one thing I never understood

isn't the pinnacle of skill in archery, the ability to hit the smallest target ???  sure, put 'em in the record books for a 4" gill -- for a 50lb. buff or 100+ gator gar, FINE THE ASSHOLES PER POUND FOR A SIZE VIOLATION!!!

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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I'm really glad bowfishing is

I'm really glad bowfishing is super restricted up here, to the point of being virtually non-existant.

Now, if we can get the Natives to stop spearing spawning walleye to sell to Chinese shops, we'll be golden!