tips on catching gizzard shad?

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tips on catching gizzard shad?

im planning on going to a spot in the c-14 canal in the everglades that has gizzard shad and other fish species but i've been wondering how to catch one on hook and line because i've heard they are hard to catch, any tips?

How I catch em

I just snag them with diving lures like jerkbaits or crankbaits or even bladebaits.

I truly enjoy catching new species of fish.

Cut Shad

Shad are great bait for catfish too, epecially channels and blues.

I truly enjoy catching new species of fish.

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We've caught them using tiny

We've caught them using tiny trout flies, usually with a little fuzzy green on them and baitless.  It took awhile observing them to figure this out, but it seems they willingly would go up and inhale a tiny green bead fly if you left it still on the bottom, I'd guess they thought it was algae or something.  Good luck!


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try a flour/water dip-bait...

try a flour/water dip-bait...  both, natural off-white & w/ green food-dye

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!

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Cast Net?

Depending on where you are in Florida, castnetting is often allowed and is the preferred method of catching small baitfish like shad, mullet, and pinfish. You could potentially save yourself a lot of time and effort if you looked into the regulations in the area you will be fishing. 

Honestly, even a dipnet would probably be more effective than hook and line because of how small mouths they are and how finicky they are. 

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Marukyu jpz in nori flavor on

Marukyu jpz in nori flavor on a size 18 or smaller hook, just a sliver to cover hook.