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Tilapia ID

Hey guys, any Tilapia gurus among us? I'm still trying to figure out this bigger individual... right now I'm leaning towards some sort of hybrid, but if anyone knew more about the genus, help would be much appreciated! Caught in Puerto Plata on my Dominican Republic trip, both Niles and Mozambiques were in the pond, not sure if any others.



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Blue or Nile?

I'm not an expert, but I always like researching exotic fishes.  He has the spots that form bands on the dorsal, anal and tail fins like the Blue or the Nile.  It doesn't look anything like a Mozambique to me.

I tried (not too hard) to research Tilapia hybridization on the internet.  Like many subjects, if something is really common, it's hard to find uncommon occurences on Google because you get swamped with the common ones.  i.e. they deliberately hybridize Tilapia so much in aquaculture, that's all I could find.  Doesn't mean they don't do it in nature - I just didn't see it.

I have a lot of experience with hybrid sunfish, but it might not translate to Tilapia.  At any rate, my thought is that the patterns look so 'unconfused' and consistent on your fish, I would be surprised if it's a hybrid.

My advice when unsure is always to look for experts to send the photo out to.  Research the Internet for Tilapia people.  Maybe there's a freshwater fish biologist in the Dominican Republic who can help?  And of course there's lots of people who raise these things, so you aren't limited to academia.

Sorry I can't help more than that...


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Thanks for the input :) The

Thanks for the input :) The one Tilapia expert I have been able to contact so far is who made the hybrid ID, but I also heard Blue so wasn't entirely convinced. Ideally I'll find one more expert for another opinion.