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Saturday, May 12, 2018
Prehistoric Rage Machine

Bowfin are just the raddest.
Bowfin have a special place in my Angler's heart.

I wasn't able to catch any on my last few visits to the land of Amia, so it was so much the sweeter to tangle with a very good one, in probably the finniest place I've ever fished. It was definitely my most Bowfinnous experience. Almost overwhelmingly so. What's more, it put the exclamation point on a day in stream and swamp with Pat and Lia that had already been magnificent. Come to think of it, I should maybe make a lil report about that day...

Bowfin are just the raddest.


Mike B's picture

That swamp thing is even more rad than I the last time I looked at it G.

mike b

Divemaster's picture

Man, that guy looks ready to murder an unsuspecting Bluegill after you release him. Good stuff!

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Goldenfishberg's picture

Rad, so so rad. Huge congrats on a beefy burley bowfin!! Fishin sure is neat, if it was any neater it would be banned  by the international coalition of things that are neat for having too much neatness.

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

stick500's picture

One of my favorite species to catch but haven't caught one in a couple of years. You must have had some pretty stout tackle to bring that bad boy in. I've never even come close to catching one that size.

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