Super Shiner

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Caught this monster on Wednesday night float fishing worms on a brushpile for Crappie. Knew it was something nice when it actually took a few feet of drag! Potentially pushing or at a pound in weight, but I don't want to say I'm certain, nice no matter what though, looked like it'd swallowed a golf ball.


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That is awesome.

Chain Pickerel: All the bad assery of a Northern Pike wrapped up in a smaller, prettier package.

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Man when you get one like that you need a tape measure! That is a great looking shiner!

It is all perspective!

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You're right; I'd guesstimate that at least close to a pound. Did he jump?


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Nice, Dive. You have a knack for those big Cyprinidae. I remember you caught a giant crick chub a while ago, too.

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Thanks guys!


No jumps, but he stayed away from me pretty well and took 3-4' of line.


Creek Chubs are one of my favorite species, Dan! That 14.25" was amazing, but I haven't cracked 12" again since 2015. Salmonids, Catostomids, and Cyprinids are all tied for my favorite family. Cottidae and Gadidae offer them some competition too!

2019 Species Goals:

Burbot (), Longnose Gar (X), Longear Sunfish (X), any Pickerel (X), 2 new Catostomids (), 5 new micros (X)

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Would love to find a lake like that.