Sunfish, Orangespotted

<p>Crazy hybrid Orangespot.&nbsp; Must have shared a bed with a Bluegill...</p>
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Jknuth's picture

Woa! Hybrid Bluegill X Orangespot from the looks of it.
Awesome freaking fish man!!!


Corey's picture

Doc, man, that's awesome.


Clearly and obviously Orangespotted hybrid.  And Cool Big Fish!


This demonstrates why Orangespots are on the list.  I've only ever seen one other photograph of a fish like this, and this is a much better photograph.


Several ichthyolgists I know will be very interested in seeing this.  Especially the dudes working on the new fish books being published.  It's important to document hybrids. 


Carp Chaser's picture

Wow! What a catch.. that's one gnarly orange spot Doc.

"There's always a bigger fish"

Dr Flathead's picture

I caught a Orangespot and Green Sunfish hybrid a few years back too.  Wish I had taken a pic of it.

Fins's picture

Very cool catch. Best hybrid sunfish award forsure.

O Lord it's a big one. If you let me get em' in I promise I let em' go.