Sturgeon, Lake Corey



Date Caught: 
Saturday, February 25, 2012


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And through the ice too!!!  Do you have a report posted for this trip?

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It might be somewhere in the old forum data.  Still can't believe we got that fish through an 8 inch hole!

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Heck of a fish!!! What were ya useing Cory?



The gods do not subtract the alotted span in men's lives the hours spent in fishing.

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Caught it on a large, live golden shiner.

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just fantastic.  Must've been tight through the hole!!!

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Michaelangelo, there is a great joke there but its too obvious
For me to mention...I really do appreciate the hahas though folks...

Anyway, I was there for this catch and it was the first sturgeon I ever saw caught through the ice. It was crazy

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I wrestled that magnificent creature up to the hole and was going to cut my line.  I remember saying "There's just no way that thing is going to fit through the hole."  But it was Andy who said "We can do this!"  I hooked the fish, but it was Andy who landed it.  He managed to slip his hands around its masive head and pull it up.  Still an awesome accomplishment for the two of us,


What's funny is that this was while we were figuring out how to catch burbot on the St. Louis.  This was before we found gooseneck bend.  Now, hundreds of people have caught burbot because we discovered that spot and shared it.  But just a few miles away, a few years before, we were trying to find the burbot but catching sturgeon instead.  Weird.