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Stupid computer

I have technological questions. Lots and lots of technological questions.

1. How do you get pictures apparently over the size limit to upload? Apparently, of all my lifelist pictures, only two will upload onto this site.

2. How do you add a user photo?

3. And to go totally off topic, is black sea bass, centropristis striata, on this site under a different name, or has no one here caught one? I doubt that nobody has caught a black sea bass, because you guys seem to be obscure fish experts, and a black sea bass is the furthest thing from obscure.

Sorry if that's to many questions, but I'm really terrible with tech.

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Check out these pages for help

It is all perspective!

Acer Home Inspections

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Black Sea Bass

susquehanook, welcome aboard.


Adding images - Outdoors4life posted some links for you, but the short answer is - click on "My Photos" to the left and add a batch image set. You can drag and drop them into the image set. Then, when posting, just paste the links into the image form.

The website is configured to resize images automatically, but it will fail with unreasonably huge images. So you might want to resize them to a smaller size (like 800 by 600) in some photo tool, like paint, GIMP, or whatever your computer has on it.

Black sea bass is already there, under "Sea Bass, Black". You can search for species using the "Species Search" link on the right - in this case, if you search for "sea bass" or "black" you'll find it.




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Thanks guys

Thanks guys. I'll do that. Don't know why I was looking for black sea bass in the freshwater section. That was what I was doing, I just realized that.


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you can also

just use an online service to resize any image down to postable (or even avatar)size:

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!