Stillwater Bridge

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Stillwater Bridge
<p>The new bridge St Croix Crossing is now open making access&nbsp;to WI much quicker for many people. The bridge is massive and quite the experience to cross. I have watched it from my back yard for the past 5 years as they dug up the old neighborhood and such. As many of you know it has been a long time coming for this area with the old bridge being built in 1931 and serving until 2017. There had been talk of a new bridge since the 1950&#39;s.<br /> <br /> The Stillwater bridge will become a trail for pedestrians and bicycles only and should open back up in 2019. until then there is no one allowed on the bridge. It is unclear if the trail will be allowed to be used after dark once it is open. There is no official talk as far as what will be allowed as far as fishing. I will be in contact with those in the decisions&nbsp;making positions about allowing fishing after dark. There are so few public shore fishing spots that every area is important to fight for.&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> Again, nobody is allowed to be on the bridge until they are done with the construction of the bike trail.</p>
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Aw, great.

There went my Autum spot. Guess I'll have to fish from shore until 2019... if not ever.

All fish are beautiful.

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Old bridge fishing

Aaron, if you think it would help we could put together a petition to allow fishing from the bridge and collect signatures.  Thank you for being willing to make your voice heard about angling access to that spot.

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Andy Good Idea

Andy, I think that that is a good idea if we need to get more sway. I know many of the people on committees that make suggestions for the parks and such. Thursday I spoke to a person who knows a lot of the behind the scenes discussions and she believed that after hours use of the bridge or fishing is not even a thought. I can use the fact that many young adults and teenagers use the bridge to fish and that is one way to keep them fishing. I have used that before when they wanted to ban fishing from the bridge for the safety of the boats. I have still yet found a person who has had a problem with fishing lines dangling from the bridge except for people/boaters who went looking for trouble.

We have two years before we can access the bridge so we have time.



It is all perspective!

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Please let us know if you

Please let us know if you guys put a petition together for the Stilly bridge, love that area!

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I'd sign.  That would be a great fishing spot if no traffic.

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I love fishing

A construction worker putting up the fence told us the old bridge would open to pedestrians in the spring. Maybe he didn't know what he was talking about, but that was the night they opened the new bridge/closed the old bridge.


i would be happy to sign a petition! As of right now it's an empty bridge. I fish down there a lot and everyone is pretty harmless. 

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Must be mistaken

The worker was likely mistaken. 
It is supposed to open up to pedestrians in 2019. 

Next year one section will be removed so boats can pass while they replace components while the bridge components are replaced to hopefully function with little issue until 2030's or 40's if I remember right. They are redoing the entire surface and likely replacing much of the metal. THe bridge still has to hold up to standards similar to cars driving over it. 

The likely issue with using the bridge will be night fishing since city parks close at 9 or 10 or something like that. The same is true for fishing in Hastings. At night the police can and often do remove you from the riverbank.

It is all perspective!

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