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Steelhead Spawning

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Professor Fish
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Steelhead Spawning
<p>After trout fishing a couple weeks ago, I checked to see if the Steelhead were spawning in a feeder stream.</p> <p>Here&#39;s a short video.</p> <p><a href=";">;</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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IN or MI?

Which state is that? How far upstream of the lake? How many dams did they pass? (Now that I ask that, I'm wondering if there are multiple dams on the St. Joe.)

I've heard the steelhead run on the St. Joe this year has been off the charts compared to recent years.


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Professor Fish
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Sorry for responding so slow,

Sorry for responding so slow, the Steelhead run all the way to a dam located in Elkhart, IN. This was a small stream near Berrien Springs, thanks to the salmon and steelhead, I can't trout fish part of the year...right now through July(Skamania), Salmon/Steelhead fishing is good off any piers from Ludington, MI to Michigan City, IN.