Spillway Smackdown

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Casey Shanaberger
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Spillway Smackdown

Lately I've been putting the hurt on the Bigmouth Buffalo & Co. because the water finally got low enough to do my favorite kind of fishing. I fish at a large spillway where anglers stand on a wall high above the water and drift baits along said wall (anyone who's fished here with me knows what it looks like). When I'm able to do this, typically I catch a lot of bigmouth on artificials. A lot.


My PB Buffalo out around 20-25lbs.

A broken rod that was sacrificed to the river gods.

My buddy's first ever buffalo


We ended up catching a whole slew of other fish here too. 

A one-eyed river carpsucker (yes, on artificials)

My personal best Wiper! 


But when night begins to fall here, some even cooler critters come out to play....

My friends and I will hook flatheads once darkness falls. (this one came unhooked sadly)

This one did not come unhooked.

The big flatheads haven't quite moved in yet, but they will once the water drops even more.....

....as long as we don't get too much rain.


Been a fun week of fishing for sure. Might have to upload a part two after this week...


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I can see why it's your favorite kind of fishing, dude, that's insane. 


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Nice variety

Nice variety




Mack in N.C.
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Nice!  spillway fishing is

Nice!  spillway fishing is one of my favorites.