Species Derby Winners

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Species Derby Winners

Here is a list of past winners of the Root River Roundup Species Derby - 


2005 - Leakywaders
2006 - ???
2007 - JK
2008 - KPE
2009 - Leakywaders
2010 - Eric Kol
2011 - Tyler W
2012 - Eric Kol
2013 - D.T.
2014 - Outdoors4Life
2015 - D.T.
2016 - Corey
2017 - Eric Kol
2018 - Jason E
Dr Flathead
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Think we should keep it

Think we should keep it restricted to within the campground this year? I'd like to hear what people think about that. I personally think it should be limited to fishing on the land around the campground. No leaving in vehicles allowed.

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Derby Rules

I agree Doc, will be interesting to see what folks think about it.  I could go either way.

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Derby boundaries

So we mulled it over, and have come to the decision that the Derby should be limited to a specific stretch of the Root.  The Derby Zone will start at the railroad bridge over the Confluence, and go down to the parking area below Whalan.  This is approximately 4.5 river miles.  You can still jump in a vehicle to go.  Remember though, you still need to be back at camp by 3:15.