Son's First Musky

Thursday, October 29, 2020
42 inches

The big bobber disappeared right by the boat and I told Caleb to put the screws to her. He heaved the hooks into that tough mouth and I had the net ready for a quick scoop. Her mouth was wide open trying to shake them hooks as she lunged right into the net. As soon as she got netted, the hooks came out of its mouth. It pays to have the net ready sometimes.


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Congrats to your son, Cast_and_Blast. That's a really good-looking muskie. I have seen the old quick scoop of the net surprise a few big fishes in my time as well.

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Them young ones grow up fast. Nice first musky! Put the screws to her, gotta get that in the glossary. Tell that young man congrats from me Mike.

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So DT, in your expert opinion what is the difference between given 'em the onions and puttin' the screws to 'em?

Real questions.

D.T.'s picture

Pretty much the same thing I guess, :-)

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beautiful fish, and congrats to your son!

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Nice one!

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Awesome fish, congratulations!!

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