Some gar & bowfin.

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Some gar & bowfin.

I've had a good year gar & bowfin fishing so far.    Here are a few fishing shots, as well as underwater release photos.     As I've mentioned before, I talk quite a bit about dino-fishing in my two new books, "Strong is the Current" and "The Ultimate Guide to Kayak Fishing".    Enjoy.   

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great shots!  thanks for

great shots!  thanks for sharing 


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Any good?

Are those tasty looking gar and bowfin fish good eatin'? Looking for fish fry candidates

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I can only speak for gar

Gar are good eating, bowfin I like too much to kill. From what I've heard though bowfin don't taste very good. Though I've also heard freshwater drum don't taste good which I have found to be untrue

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I don't eat them.   The Lake

I don't eat them.   The Lake Ontario watershed is pretty polluted and, even if it wasn't, I don't know that I would try.   I've heard the same as Fishnerd about the taste and texture of bowfin.   As for gar, I wouldn't be against killing one and trying it if they were from cleaner water, but those heavy-dute scales would make it a real pain to filet, I'm guessing.   They have some impressive armor plating -- and slime!  

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Those are some awesome

Those are some awesome underwater shots!

Fishn sure is neat