Softwater Kickoff 2018

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Softwater Kickoff 2018

Prevyet Tavarishy!


Having not touched a rod since late Feb, I was in need of a good start to spring fishing. Opportunity arose to try for a new species from a new river, so I jumped at the chance. We arrived mid-morning and were happy to have the area to ourselves, albeit for a while.

Rods were set up and Brad was quick to draw first blood and bring in a tench. They're here and they're spectacular.

Not long after, my rod came to life and I landed a tench that wasn't a tench at all. Catching odd cousins when targeting something specific. You just leave that shit to me, boys. I'll catch several juvie pike when chasing grass pickerel. Lake trout after lake trout when trying for whitefish. 



Next bite was paydirt. I had my Tench.


Hell yeah! Head of a carp. Tail of a loach. Very, very happy to get my hands on this foreigner.



Several tench double-headers and one triple header occured throughout the afternoon.





Other beloved species hit the net as well.




Brad caught himself a biggun, followed by a bigger one. Gotta love how these river tench fill out.



When the two hook rig resulted in two fish coming to the net, it could have been a real tangled mess. I've been crushing the barbs on my hooks for a while now, so they usually just fall out of the lip as soon as the fish is netted and the line is slack. 

A silver redhorse and a tench feeding side by side.




...and a last one to finish the day.


All fish were returned to the river. I, too, shall be returning shortly.


The next day was too nice to not fish, so I tried my luck closer to home on an upper stretch of my favorite river. Bite was slow, but a mink kept me company and I did manage a brown bullhead, a fallfish, and my first greater redhorse of the year. Always happy to see young greaters.



Amia Calva
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Too cool!

I'm looking forward to this weekend! This must've been a blast




2018 Goals: Silver Redhorse (x), Big Channel Cat, Fallfish (x), Black Crappie (x), Sauger (X), Muskellunge (X)

2019 Goals: Golden Redhorse, White Bass, Spotted Sucker, Northern Sunfish

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Can't even wrap my brain around targeting Tench in North America.  That is so fantastic.  NIce job man and that last little greater is very cool.

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Had a great time dude, might

Had a great time dude, might be seeing you back at the spot soon :p The pictures turned out great! Failed on my Mooneye quest buf if I make it back with you guys that's what I'll be targeting.

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Tench are so cool, my fishing

Tench are so cool, my fishing partner is from Wales and got one on a trip back home recently and I was pretty jealous. I’ve heard them reported in Lake Michigan but the chances of coming across one are pretty slim I imagine..... is this in Canada?

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wow, Wow, WOW, neat, Neat NEAT, this is the kind of epic stuff I love to see from you guys up in the land of the Canuck. amazing stuff, congrats on an unral soft water session! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Dr Flathead
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Wow, that is pretty cool! 

Wow, that is pretty cool!  Tench are sweet as hell.

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RoughFish, yes, we're in

RoughFish, yes, we're in Canada.




the bearded angler
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Looks like a pretty rad time!!!

13 days to season opener here!

Lake Kantelljuhwhar
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Very cool Eli, thanks for posting!  On my bucket list to go after those Québecois Tench...

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Man, that is so weird and

Man, that is so weird and cool.

And cool. And weird.

Looks like those Tincas are feeling right at home, there. All super clean and healthy looking specimens!

Fishn sure is neat

China Cat
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Tench are such neat fish.

Tench are such neat fish. Only ever caught them in Britain