Slippery lil burbot

Saturday, February 24, 2018

This was a hard catch for me this year usually I catch a Coupul in January Whare I catch perch but they haven't been in There lately so I've tried to find a new spot and when me and upperMiroughanguer found this spot I was so happy but still frustrated after watching him pull 6 up and I couldn't catch one but I guess today was the day it was so fun Evan tho it was one of my smaller ones my biggest weighing a whopping 11 pounds out of lake Michigan and having much bigger ones on this one is probably my most memorable because it was the first caught with my friend out of the big lake


UpperMi roughangler's picture

I was so happy to see you finally get your burbot this year. All day yesterday we sat there catching mudpuppies and zebra mussels until finally night came and that slippery lawyer eats your bait and you pull him right on up on top of that thick Lake Michigan ice!

Goldenfishberg's picture

Big ass Pout are the best! Congrats on your bad ass catch and I espeically like the "cool dude" shades at night! Rock on

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

andy's picture

Man, thats a great-looking pout!

Reeluppermichiganfisher's picture

Thanks I was starting to doubt I was going to catch one before the thaw I plan on catching one more before the ice goes away

Logan R Vertz