Should Northern Sunfish maybe be considered a Micro?

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Should Northern Sunfish maybe be considered a Micro?

First off not entirely sure this is in the right forum but I think this is the best fit. Before today I had assumed that Northern Sunfish got as large longears (24 cm per fishbase) and I just hadn't caught any sizable ones. But today I was looking at Michigan's Master Angler minimum sizes and I noticed something odd. This something being that all of the state's sunfish except Northern were included in this program. Initially I assumed that the fish must be a protected species in MI but I checked that and it is not. Looking on fishbase it says Northerns only get to 13 cm. Northern is considered standard on this website. Mud sunfish on the other hand, considered a micro, grows to 21 cm. The same thing is true of Orangespotted Sunfish, it is a micro, but grows 2 cm longer than Northern. Peterson Second Edition agrees on all the max lengths on fishbase. Unfortunatly the only fish I could find a max weight on is longear (790 grams or roughly 1.7 lbs). The lengths for mud on this site is 6 inches and for orangespotted 4. I could not find a length given here for Northerns. It could very well be that this pattern apears because Mud are so secretive and Orangespotteds average pretty small. I'm curious to see what thoughts others more well versed in this sort of thing might have to offer.

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I agree

In my opinion northern sunfish can't reach a pound and should be categorized as a micro.

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I remember Corey saying

I remember Corey saying something about angling technique being more relevant to the micro/standard classification than actual max size of the species. 




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I've assumed they're still considered standard from the olden days when they hadn't yet been split from "regular" longears. 

Though I enjoy having them on the list of easy to find species for the contest, I can't really say that they shouldn't be moved to micro.


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Good input

I think its a good point that they don't really take any special technique, so standard status makes sense knowing that is taken into account. 

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