Seeking Suckers in SC

Today my husband Josh (MNbowfinangler) and I took a trip up the Broad River near our home in Columbia, SC. We reached our fishing site, intending to target notchlip redhorse that Josh had seen during his masters' thesis fieldwork last summer.

To our delight, upon looking into the water we saw loads of notchlips lazing about in the shallows.:


Unfortunately, the notchlips proved impossible to catch. None of them were even slightly interested in the baits we provided, even when paraded right in front of their lips. In addition to not feeding, they all looked kind of beat up, so we guessed that they may have been just recovering from spawning...?

In addition to trying to coax notchlips in the shallows, we were soaking crawlers in deeper, swifter water. It wasn't long until I pulled in my personal best snail bullhead!:


Soon after, Josh wrangled in a nice channel cat!:


By this time, we were ready for some lunch. We found this delicacy at Carlisle, SC's finest dining establishment (AKA a run-down gas station).:


When we regained consciousness from our sugar-induced coma, we found ourselves sitting on the bank of the Broad River again, fishing rods in hand. We saw a school of micros and busted out our smallest gear. Soon I bagged my first Whitefin Shiner (my 76th lifelister)!:


Josh and I each caught a couple small redbreast sunfish. As I was pulling in my second, a big, lurking, longnose gar took hold and played tug of war with me before letting go. Excited, I cast out with a bigger hook and some cutbait in hopes of hooking a gar. Then Josh reeled in someone a bit different...:


After a while with no action on the cutbait, I switched back to crawler. I was beginning to take some scenic photographs of the area when BOOM!!! I got a strong bite, set the hook and landed a fish that has been on my wish list for a long time, the brassy jumprock!!!:


What a treat! I miss catching suckers on the Root River and around the midwest- not only was this my 77th lifelister but also my first sucker in SC!

Josh caught two juvenile channel cats, and both made cute catfish croaking noises that I love. Then, on our last remaining piece of crawler, he brought in the last fish of the day, a white perch.:


We packed up and made it back to the car just before it started to downpour. Although the notchlip redhorse snubbed us, we still had a great day of fishing with a fun array of fish species!

Species List: 
Jumprock, Brassy
Catfish, Channel
Perch, White
Sunfish, Redbreast
Shiner, Whitefin
Bullhead, Snail


DavidG's picture

That is awesome guys!  Man I wish I coulda found that while I was there


DavidG Blog:

MNbowfinangler's picture

Thanks. There were so many notchlips but they just were not feeding. Hopefully things will be different in a few weeks. We also want to pursue spotted suckers, as they are common in SC, but not sure where to find them...

Eric Kol's picture

You guys are still awesome, notchlip or no.

Carpy Diem!

BlueEye's picture

Awesome. Gotta love a Snail Bullhead and I'm certainly jealous of the Brassy Jumprock. Lookin forward to seeing a Notchlip captured.

Outdoors4life's picture

I wish I could fly in and fish with you guys! Brassy and notchlip has been on my bucket list for a while.


Good luck in a couple weeks!


It is all perspective!

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That Brassy Jumprock is sweet! The name alone is enough to want to catch one.

Notchlips next time..?


Meanwhile, I'm getting out-lifelisted by a girl. This cannot stand. Might have to spend at least a little time chasing micros this summer, too...

Fishn sure is neat

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Hengelaar - not only is still gonna out-life-list you (and of me, obviously) I think she might kick ya in the pants now that you threw down the gauntlet...


BTW - Reekfish - awesome report and cool flippin' species, much jealous - might have to go Burbot fishing this week to sooth my ego...

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"Meanwhile, I'm getting out-lifelisted by a girl. This cannot stand."

Hengelaar, bring it on! After all, I can't let myself be out-lifelisted by a Dutchman! ;)