Season's Biggest 'minnow

Monday, September 7, 2015
Pikeminnow, Northern
3 lbs 11 oz, 23 inches

Caught 3 weeks ago...very late to post.

Almost two feet and almost 4 pounds. This fella is the hardest fighting pikeminnow I've ever had. Not my best catch in weight, but still my best for this year. Maybe I'll catch another before they go deep for winter. FYI fellas, these things dig kastmasters!


Mike B's picture

Never get tired of looking at those big pike minnows. Great catch.

mike b

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

Thanks Mike B! Some people say they look ugly. I semi-understand their view. But, likeyou, I think they look pretty rad.

drawer.bli's picture

Gabe the Trash Fish Angler's picture

They are pretty. I wish more anglers would see that.