Scumfoot Mini-Roundup from 2006

Fishermen at Scumfoot


 What a day! Landed nine species of fish while scumfooting on Saturday: Channel Catfish, Common Carp, Mooneye, Walleye, Northern Pike, Freshwater Drum, Bluegill, Flathead Catfish, and Smallmouth Bass. Dense schools of emerald and spotfin shiners were everywhere, and readily attacked a worm chunk on a #20 hook. Rich caught two hefty channel cats on a big chartreuse spinnerbait. KPE did the same with large drum. Abundant crayfish made another great bait option and accounted for a lot of drum and smallies. Several gruelling carp battles kept the day interesting, and JK even managed one on a fly right at the outset. Everyone got to battle a channel cat, and these fish once again proved that they deserve the strongest-fighting-fish title. Had a great time, and am already planning a return.


Channel Catfish


  Andy caught this channel cat to get things started, but just as he was fighting it, a fish took Rich's clouser minnow! 

Smallmouth Bass

 Yep, Rich caught a little smallie.  But wait, KPE has a fish on the line!  It's A TRIPLE!


The Triple


 All three fish landed at the same time within five minutes!  This is probably going to be a pretty good day.

Crayfish Freshwater Drum


I tried fishing on the bottom with crawlers, but all I got was a ton of small drum.  So, I flipped over a few rocks and found myself a bucketfull of crayfish.  This big freshwater drum was the first to fall victim to my all-out crawdad attack. Not the most impressive fish in the world, but I learned a valuable lesson - crayfish catch big drum, and keep the small ones off your line.  Everyone else tried different tactics.  There were so many small drum that fishing crawlers on the bottom was going to get you nothing but thousands of tiny drum.  We all wanted more.


Channel Catfish Ford Dam JK

JK Fished the deep water and was rewarded with this beautiful, hard-fighting channel catfish.

KPE Carp Boga-Grip


KPE, on the other hand, cast his line right at the visible pods of surfacing carp, and was rewarded with this ten-pounder that gave him a memorable battle.


I kept using crayfish and catching big drum, until I caught a tiny, baby flathead catfish - not very impressive, but I didn't have a picture of one for my lifelist yet, and it seemed to indicate that maybe there were some bigger flatheads around. 


JK Carp
JK landed this beautiful 12-pound carp.  Then we were all distracted by excited yelling from Rich!
Rich Bailey Channel Catfish Spinnerbait

 Rich had kept chucking his spinnerbait, in the hope of landing a big smallie.  But this bruiser channel cat found it first, and acting like the true predator it is, slammed the lure and battled Rich all over the pool!  This was the first channel cat I'd ever seen caught on a spinnerbait, and it was a nice one!  Congrats, Rich! 

KPE Freshwater Drum Spinnerbait

 Enthused by Rich's success, KPE tied on his own spinnerbait and soon connected with a nice Freshwater Drum.  This was KPE's fifty-third drum of the day, and the biggest by far.


Flyrod Drum Rich

Rich then broke out the flyrod and started landing drum.   

Corey Carp Scumfoot

 And I finished out the day with a nice carp!  This day proved that Scumfoot was a good spot, so we resolved to come back early and often.




Species Covered: