Scary, vicious Pacific Staghorn Sculpin

Thursday, September 27, 2018
Sculpin, Pacific Staghorn

Was drifting anchovies in Humboldt Bay, CA when this shameless monster inhaled my bait.  Should have taken a pic from the head view as it has a "horn" which sticks up above the operculum...hence its name.  A first for me....


I really want to take a trip to the west coast just to go fishing. California Sheepshead is top of my list for target species because they're similar to Tautog here on the east coast. Would definetly be happy hooking into anything new over there!

andy's picture

I really wanted to get one of those when I was in Alaska last time.  Tried for them and got skunked, but I got tyo see a couple my brother caught.



Goldenfishberg's picture

They are also great bait to use for Flounder, they make a great cut bait, very bloody when you chunk um up into fish style chunklets as they serve at Fishy Joe's. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.