Saved by the Spotted

Thursday, April 2, 2020
~17 inches

Man, south-western Indiana is the definition of seasonal fishing.. barely ice-fished up in MN this "winter" and 3-month long flooded waters kept me tied down to the home with practically no fishing from December - March. You all know what that can do to a guy. So the split second I got a text from Tyler G. to come out to south-eastern Missouri to hit the Spotted Sucker spawn I was gone. After 3-1/2 hrs (supposed to take 4) I got to the spot and the day prior Tyler talked of hundreds of fish coating this boat launch. I saw zero. As bummed as I was, it was early in the day. I told Tyler I wanted to target Pirate Perch so we hiked back to Mingo Swamp and hit up a ditch that was coated in Ribbon Shiners, Bantam Sunfish, Green Sunfish, and 1 Pirate Perch. Welp, we flicked a jig his way and popped him out. Lifer!! Couple hrs went by and the next thing we knew the mid-day heat at the boat launch got those heffers spawning. Of course catching Spotted Suckers 3 feet from your toes sounds easy... but with males seeing red and females trying to avoid crowded males, too much chaos kept em on the move, so timing was everything. Of course Tyler's timing got him 2 within the first hour.. About 3 more hrs went by until FINALLY, a wee moderate sized female turned her and sucked in my red worm. What an awesome day with good company to boot. Even caught one more a minute or two afterwards..... A memory I won't forget for some time.


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Glad you could break the fall-winter slump with something as gorgeous as her! Many of us would trade a lot for the lifer experience you just had! 

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Congrats on catching an awesome species! 

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I've always wanted to catch a spotted sucker. At least now I know the trick: find hundreds of fish, get within 3ft of them and stand still for 3 hours watch a red wiggler. Now that I know how it should be easy!

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Congratulations Buddy!


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Awesome! congrats!