Salmon, Coho Lake Kantelljuhwhar



Chehalis River, Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada
Date Caught: 
Thursday, September 30, 1993
These fish were caught on a particularly 'hot' day for coho, using a roe and pink yard drift rig (stick lead 6' under a dink float, barbless single hook). I was catching these bright chrome cohos one after another, interspersed with chum salmon, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small crowd gathering to watch (none with fishing rods). They were not happy, the grumbling got louder and louder finally I heard 'That fucker is snagging fish, lets get him.' I realized they were talking about me so I held up the next fish, a 15ish pound Chum Salmon, for them to see the single hook lodged squarely in the corner of the jaw. This seemed to make them even madder, but I kept fishing and eventually snuck away to the other side of the river when they got distracted. What I learned from this is: 1) suspicion of fish snagging makes some individuals go a bit crazy and possibly dangerous, and 2) before you conclude from quick observations that someone is snagging fish check to see that they are IN FACT snagging fish.
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