Sad Day's

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angry mongrel
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Sad Day's
The old man is finally letting the fish store close. His goal retirement! Don't disagree with the decision just wish the small businesses had a better than average span of life again. For those who were unaware our family has owned A Wet Pet in apple valley MN for over 27 yes. Have spent many a year in there working and growing up. Come down to k-bid finishing up the process. They took pics today and should be up and selling soon. Sad days amongst the family thanks for listening. The Ipsens
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Well, that's sad news indeed Mongrel.  Best of luck to your family, let me know if you guys need any help with anything and I'd be happy to come down.

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Me too...

You got my #, just call. I will help you in any way I can. The small business mom n pop stuff has dwindeld down so much. Sorry to see it go my friend.

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Hey man

Sorry to hear that. I worked in a pet store for awhile, then they got bought out by a big national chain that didn't give a crap about or know anything about fish. If you can imagine a know-nothing boss trying to tell ME that I'm wrong about fish. I always bought from the little stores that knew what they were doing. I never made it down to A Wet Pet, too far away, but I always heard great things. Anything I can do, let me know.

Dr Flathead
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Whats the old man going to do

Whats the old man going to do now to keep him busy?  Sucks to see a cornerstone of the community closing down.  I bought a lot of set-ups and supplies from there over the years and will miss the place for sure.  I been going there since I was a kid.  And its where I met you, Mr Mongrel.  Best of luck to senior Ipsen in his retirement!