Ruffie's BIG adventure with Jknuth!

Late in may I received the news that Ruffie will be staying with me during the month if June.
Not only would he be staying with me during the June fishing contest, but he would also join me on a few exciting fishing trips.

Ruffie arrived just in time for our first outing.
A trip on the Fox river near Green bay.

Here is Ruffie guiding us north.

He wanted a better view so he rode on Gary's hat for a while.

A nice carp I caught, this was ruffie's first try using my camera. I think he did a great job

The next trip he joined me on was a solo trip to a small creek near me.

Here is our boy resting on a piling on the marsh

Ruffie again got to take a few more photos for me, this time he saw a spotted sucker!

It was time for our big trip.
Ruffie was headed to Iowa with my dad and I.
Our targets fish were Spotted bass and Orangespotted sunfish.
He was very excited about the trip he could hardly sleep.

Look Ruffie! the people of Iowa welcome you

Woa!! the Mighty Mississippi river

We stopped to fuel up at a gas station in Iowa.
Now I have to say, there are a few things about ruffie I didn’t expect, he has a bit of a wild side with a few bad habits.
but all and all he is a good little sturgeon.

Jumping for joy!

This is why he asked me to stop at an ATM right before we left, unbelievable!

Enough fooling around already!! its time to fish.
Our first stop was a lake in Iowa that was stocked with spotted bass more then 50 years ago.

WOW! thats what a spotted bass looks like.

Our next stop was the Cedar river in Iowa.

It was so hot Ruffie had to take a dip.

Ruffie wanted to fish too.

He did great until he realized we were fishing for sturgeon.
Then we explained we were fishing for shovelnose sturgeon, not lake sturgeon like him.

A BITE!!! could it be????
Nope its a smooth softshell turtle Ruffie had to try to ride him.

Waiting, waiting, waiting...... always waiting.
At least its a beautiful day.

WOA!!!!!! there we go!

He had to get a closer look.

He had to try himself.

Iowa was so much fun, but it was time to head home.
After a few days off Becky and I took Ruffie to see if we could find a shortnose gar.

Becky showed him where all the baby lake sturgeon grow up in my area of the state.

I noticed an odd thing, I kept running out of bait sooner then I should have.

Finally we figured it out, Ruffie!!!!!

A little tough love was needed.

We didnt find any gar, but all and all it was a good time.

Later that night I came home early and was quite surprised by what I found.

Ruffie passed out drunk!!! with a few copies of my "fishing magazines".
I tell ya I am not sure about kids these days.
I blame the schools.

I decided it was time for ruffie and I to get away for a bit.

I took him to the Wisconsin river near Portage.

Even though it was near 100 degrees We caught a few Quillback. I explained to him how the Wisconsin river flows into the Mississippi river. And he learned all about the carpsucker family.
The quillback had a few things to say as well, they gave him tips on how to stay away from hooks and gave him warnings about the evil Flathead catfish that live there.

Soon after we had a run in with a Flathead Catfish of our own.

Ruffie thought I was playing a trick on him.
Soon he realized this was no joke!


No worries little buddy I got your back!

He really needs to be more careful.
Time for a nap and then more adventures!

The next trip was the Wolf river.

This is where all the baby Lake sturgeon are from.
A beautiful little river full of cool clear water.

Ruffie was a tad nervous being in the kayak, but I told him he would be safe.
So we strapped him in and set off.

Here is aunt Becky following behind, keeping a close eye out for flathead catfish.

Whats that up ahead??
Is it a catfish?

Look Ruffie its a lake sturgeon!!!!

Thats quite enough excitement for one day.

We headed for home and set out in a few days for the Wisconsin river again, this time closer to the mighty Mississippi river in Sauk city.

Gary and Rocky setting up on the river.

Gary fishing for Blue suckers.

Hey its a shorthead redhorse!

Look Ruffie! its a Highfin carpsucker.

OOOHHHH and Gary has a quillback!

Before Ruffie goes overseas.
We took Ruffie to Beaver Dam to fish for Buffalo.

Its not majestic but it will do fine.

Hey Gary has a Bigmouth buffalo!

Here is another Bigmouth buffalo.

Ruffie needed a closer look.

Its been so much fun!!

But its time for Ruffie to move on.

I sat him down and explained where he is heading next.

I showed him photos of where he is going and what he may catch, and who will be fishing with him next.


Goodbye aunt Becky!

Goodbye Ruffie.
We miss you already!!!
Come back soon.

Goodbye America!!!
Hmm Holland.
hmmmmmmm WELS!