Roundup 2012 general itinerary/last minute details

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Roundup 2012 general itinerary/last minute details

Roundup 2012 is fast approaching, and I just want to verify the general schedule for the 2012 roundup (all ? indicate suggestions only), and start a new thread for any last minutes messages/details folks might want to post - OK with this admin?


Thursday 5/9:   Early arrivals set up camp in a.m.

                           Fishing from ? - ?

                           Fend for yourself for food?


Friday 5/10:       Communal breakfast?/Set up camp in a.m.   

                           Root River Float (sounds like a new treat at Dairy Queen!) noon - ?

                           Fishing during and after float from noon to ?

                           Communal evening meal/Campfire/Socializing?

                           Night fishing?


Saturday 5/11:  Communal breakfast?

                           Official 2012 Species Contest from ? - ?

                            Awards ceremony from ? - ?

                            Roughfish Saturday Super Potluck Supper from ? - ?


                            Night fishing?


Sunday 5/12:     Communal breakfast?/Break camp

                            Fishing from ? - ?

                            Communal lunch for late sleepers? 


Monday 5/13:    Post reports & pics/Plan for next year? 



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Heidi, you are an absolute dear.  I'm notoriously, almost infamously, disorganized.  I'll try to fill in the blanks as best I can.



Thursday is for the early arrivals.  I'll be there Thursday at an unknown time.  Whoever gets there first gets the honor of staking out our territory.  I've just learned that Emily and her Husband, who run the campground, will be away vacationing.  They have left the entire campground in the capable hands of Uncle Ivan.  Many roundup veterans of past years will be delighted to know that Jolly Old Ivan will be there this year.  He won't only be present, but Ivan will be running the whole campground.  Ivan is a very wise man, who has lived an amazing life, and has in years gone by entertained us with his tales of shotgunning mushrooms out of tall trees from his bicycle, eating sucker eggs, and commando frog hunting.  I will be bringing a special case of beer for Ivan, since he's very fond of beer as well as suckers.  Ivan is always welcome in our camp.  He knows a great deal about the river, and was the first to welcome us back in the old days.  If anyone encounters Ivan, they should offer him their best food and drink.

Thursday is pre-roundup, so there are no plans.  I assume everyone who arrives Thursday will feed themselves.


Friday, the Roundup begins.  I am a complete failure at breakfasts.  I do not eat breakfast and have not eaten breakfast for twenty years except for social reasons.  Everyone who wishes to float the river should gather with their boats ready at noon in the parking area.  A kind soul with a car will need to ferry floaters back to Lanesboro after the float.  There will be campfires and socializing and eating.  If a communal dinner can be organized, that would be great. Konrad Schmidt might be there, so netters may be needed for collecting rare fishes.


Please have derby prizes in place by 11:00 on the prize table.  The derby begins at noon.  It runs from noon to three.  All participants must gather under the flags for the start.  You must have a digital camera and an official nametag, which will be provided for free.  After the derby, please return your nametag.  The derby winner will be announced at 3:30.  If there is a tie, there will be a sudden-death fish-off.  Prizes will be chosen afterwards, with the prize-master officiating.  After that, the fish-cleaners will prep the fish, and the food for the potluck will be assembled.  We hope to begin cooking fish by 6:00.  Fish cookers will cook through the dinner.  Campfires, music, and socializing will commence immediately  .


Everybody packs up and leaves.  Your version is much better.


The Fishing

Most people fish in the campground, but some folks like to explore the amazing tributaries of The Root.  Trout-fishers will find themselves in the middle of some amazing trout streams, although the campground itself produces many fine trout, as the Esteemed Captain Rainbow can attest to.  The main species of interest are the suckers:  Golden, Silver, and Shorthead Redhorse, Quillback Carpsuckers for the lucky or very skilled, Northern Hogsuckers, and White Suckers.    Smallmouth Bass are a common catch, and Rock Bass are often seen.  Sturgeon, both Lake and Shovelnose, are sometimes found.  Channel Cats are a rare visitor, but Mooneyes are caught every year.  Rainbow Trout are stocked into the Root in good numbers, and European Brown Trout are also stocked - but Browns also reproduce naturally in the system.  Native Brookies can be found in the tributaries, as can be the Greater and Black Redhorse.  The Roundup Super-Slam on the Root is an achievement to strive for - to complete it you must catch Golden Redhorse, Silver Redhorse, Shorthead Redhorse, White Sucker, and Northern Hogsucker.  For all species, a crawler fished on the bottom stationary is the tactic of choice.





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Ivan the Great

Corey has paid his dues in charming the dear Ivan. As suggested, beer and a yarn will be appropriate: you give Ivan a beer and he'll tell you a yarn.


Ivan has historically been something of a grass Nazi. Those of us who went to college had a different definition for this term, but for the uninitiated to Ivan's ways, here is full disclosure. Sometimes Ivan will ask campers to move their entire tent at least once every two days. The reason? He wants to preserve the grass for the camping season. Just do it, or make it look like you did it. Accommodate him. We nearly changed the venue one year because we got fed up with Ivan and his grass eccentricities, but there isn't a better venue anywhere than Eagle Cliff. So humor Ivan, and if he asks you to move the tent, ask him, "north, south, east or west?"


Then again, there has not been a better Spring for growing grass in years. Maybe Ivan will not care...but it wouldn't be a true traditional roundup without at least one tent migration.


I can't wait to see you all; look for me Friday morning by 11am. Tabitha and Kaitlin later Friday evening. And a cameo from Cap'n Rainbow on the river will indicate the trout bite is on.



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"Sometimes Ivan will ask

"Sometimes Ivan will ask campers to move their entire tent at least once every two days"

He had me move my tent 3 THREE times in one afternoon

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I believe it was raining then

I believe it was raining then, so let's not scare anyone. Once every 24 hours is the expectation with dry conditions. ;-)

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Beer - Cheap Beer = Happy Ivan

Howdy Cowpokes,


Ivan can best be described as... unexpected. He's got stories you won't expect and foibles  you won't expect.


However, any disagreement can be disarmed by offering Ivan a beer, followed by another beer(s). I once spent hours on a rainy evening standing around a campfire with Ivan, along with one ore more Geving Brothers, talking mushrooms, fetching beers, and maintaining goodwill betwinxt Ivan and Roundup-Goers.