Root River Roundup 2017 Date?

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Root River Roundup 2017 Date?

Which weekend would you prefer for Roundup 2017?


  1. April 28-30
  2. May12-14



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I can't get my vote in but I thought I would post my video here also to get everyone amped up for the spring run


Fishin Rick

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If I had to choose..

I'd say the April dates. But either is fine by me.

Or what ever the date Corey wants to hand over the traveling horse back to me. Ha ha.

 I just like the earlier date because I think that the bite will be better.

Jason E.
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I vote for the May date,

I vote for the May date, since my semester will be OVER and I can enjoy the time free and clear of any paper grading.  I also hope that the weather will be a bit warmer in May, but that's always a dicey proposition.

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I agree with Jason

As a student, time is somewhat constricted for me. May works much better than April.

All fish are beautiful.

Casey Shanaberger
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I'd have to vote for the April date. I'd be able to make the May date but would be quite late, and I'd rather be able to be there the entire time

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More Input Needed!

We have to nail down the date soon - please chime in if you haven;t yet.

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Not sure if we could make it

Not sure if we could make it to either one, but no way on the May date, that's walleye opener, and a super busy weekend at work up here. If it were possible and it's a huge IF, we could possibly make the April date or part of it, but don't put to much stock into our vote as I'm not sure we could make that one either, my schedule is a mess that runs on 2 week cycles giving me every other Sun-Tue off, the plus side is we usually get fising spots to ourselves because everyone else is at work lol. Would like one of these years to get down there with FP and meet some of you folks face to face, learn some new skills, do some serious BSing and drink lots of beer.  Regardless if it's this year or another it's on our fishing bucket list to get to join up with the roughfishing community and make some new pals!

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Either one is fine for us

but with all the snow down there right now the river might be better in may. But only Mother Nature knows how the water will be!!  We will be there  either date 

Fishin Rick

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The dates in may would work

The dates in may would work out for me for sure, wouldn't miss the round up  for all the tea in china!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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I'll be there either way but

I'll be there either way but the May dates would work better for me.

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Plan to be there

I plan to be there either date. 
Like normal, I'll be there Friday Eve to Saturday Eve. 

It is all perspective!

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Eric Kol
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Either is fine for me with a
Either is fine for me with a preference for May. 

Carpy Diem!

Mathew Williams
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Got to be May for me

Just found out I can't take any vacation until May 8th, so I've got to cast my vote for May 12-14.

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The weather in May might be friendlier. I'm cool with either though. Been wanting to fish the Root for a long time.

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Well, after much deliberation we have settled on the 2nd weekend in May for Roundup 2017.  Come one, come all.


Eric Kol
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sweet! I can hardly wait
sweet! I can hardly wait

Carpy Diem!

E. Subvaria
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<sneaks off to fill some more propane canisters>

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A possibility!

Ok, so we had a wedding scheduled at our work place for that weekend, and now they have decided to hold off. (I'm thinking she realized that getting married on walleye opener in MN meant a lifetime of dissapointing anniversaries unless she likes fishing LOL)  I may be able to figure out a way to leave early Saturday morning (we have a big night bday party with a band Friday night on the bar side so I know it'll be a late one) and come down with my two sons for Saturday and Sunday, I'm really hoping so.  Are you guys going to post something on here prior as far as schedule or anything or what we need to bring?  I remember the prize table, but that's about it.  Thanks gang, really, really hoping we can make it down there  this spring, it's been on FP and I's bucketlists since we found this site. 

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We will.

There will be an official post with all the info. The official roundup post from last year is HERE.

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Cool, thanks Boss!  Hope we

Cool, thanks Boss!  Hope we can get  down there for this one!