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Rod recommendation

I’m interested in buying a rod to throw smaller jigs (1/4oz) and in-line spinners way out into the river. Does anyone else do this, and if so what rod do you like? I’m leaning towards a 10’+ Steelhead/salmon rod in ML fast.... I will be using this for walleye, hybrid bass, and skipjack on the bigger rivers here where casting room is no problem but launching a small bait far enough can be. I have no experience with this style rod but assume if it can handle salmon it will certainly tame even the biggest hybrids or multiple skipjack at a time. I currently use a 7’ MH fast for this and would like a bit more distance. Also considering pairing it with the Pflueger arbor reel and light line (possibly braid mainline), again for maximum distance.

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Sounds close

That sounds about right. But, I think you get a little more distance from a slower action. Obviously there are other factors to consider when choosing between fast and moderate actions. 

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personally, I'd go Mod-Fast &

personally, I'd go Mod-Fast & a bit shorter -- most off-the-rack 10-footers seem to be built for bigger reels than I'd want to use


for medium reels, been pondering these L Surf rods (6-15#, 1/4-1/2oz) for big F/W:

eBay has 'em as cheap as $65, shipped -- would love for YOU to be the guineapig  wink


generally, longer is better for distance, but don't get fixated...  what matters more than an extra foot of rod-length, is correctly matching the rod & reel (guide size/type/spacing)

a well-matched 8'6" combo will outcast a 10-footer w/ mismatched reel

here's a good general guide:

P.E.T.A. sucks!!!  Plants are living things, too -- they're just easier to catch!