Resident headwater hunting

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Resident headwater hunting

This year marks a huge step forward in my quest as a fisherman, I bought myself a inflatable boat complete with a small outboard motor to chase the fish that were impossible from shore. However as awesome as this boat is, it does come with a set back, my creek/stream fishing got pushed by the way side & this will not do. This morning is rather chilly by August standards  but it was perfect trout weather so I head to my favorite creek for all things fishy. Truth told it felt abit weird packing only my rod & waders as I haven't worn them sinse trout opener but like an old pair of sneakers they felt just right.

So here is where I usually wade in, it has changed a wee bit but the fish were on & on in a big way. I'm rather lucky as this spot hardly sees a person & I hate that it has to come to asking permission but I totally understand it as this place would get decimated if allot of people knew about it. Anyway upon arrival a ton of fish were rising so I opt for a dry fly & a wee bit of weight as I use spinning gear but on my second cast.....


this nice brown hits like a freight train, small yes but quite impressive fight. Already this day is being marked as awesome in my books but this little guy is just the tip of the iceberg. Every cast was getting hit & while most were small guys my inner kid was beaming. After an hour or so the fly seamed to have run its course so switch to worm & I start to move up river.


The action really starts to heat up. A few small guy's but a steady stream of 12" bows keeps me busy for the next hour. It was at this point I start wondering where the species are, I normally hit quite a few in this stretch...not this day.

I continue wading a wee bit & I hit the mother load. A small pool chalk full of bows most are around the 12" mark but the odd 14-18" would come to play. These boys were playing for keeps. I was running 2.5 lbs leader & they snapped it as if it wasn't there, up the leader to 4lbs & viola

Now this guy was awesome & his brother was cool too. Hit & run like a bull in a china shop. If you could measure my excitement level it would be in the ionosphere range. The bows kept coming one after the other when I hit the biggest resident I've ever seen. Would have been a PB resident by a long shot, guessing in the 6 lbs range, thought it was a steelhead at first but WAY to early for that , he wanted nothing to do with me & after a battle he snapped the line & gone. So here I am standing in bewilderment when my phone rings, I have an emergency at work I have to deal with.....I didn't understand a word that was said I just kept looking at my snapped line "ya ya I'll call you back" tie on another hook and drift what would be my finally drift &....

Not a bad door prize. The bows aren't in the full fall colours yet but they are starting to change, I just need to learn the balance between my boat & creek fishing

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Well done. I'm often surprise

Well done.

I'm often surprised by the quality pf the fishing that can be had within the GTA.