Regs clarification - Multiple Hooks

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Regs clarification - Multiple Hooks

Apparently something called "Crawler Harnesses" are legal this year. So are "Stinger Hooks" and lone treble hooks apparently. Can anyone explain what these devices are and would we be suited to use any on the Root this weekend?




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Same kinda stuff people use

Same kinda stuff people use for walleye rigs... Only ever used them drifting with gramps as a kid. Dont think they'd be any better just more of a mess with more hooks flailing.

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multiple hooks

A crawler harness is a device used to attach 3 hooks to a night crawler usually at the front, middle, and back end.  It essentially stretches out the worm and makes it look sort of eely when pulled through the water.  Before the regs mod you had to add some beads or spinners to the deveice to make it appear like a "lure" so you could use it.


A stinger hook is usually a treble hook on a short 2-3 inch leader of mono that is attached to a single hook jig head.  It is typically added to a jig head when walleyes are biting "short" on the shiner minnow/jig head combination.  The new reg puts the maximum length of the stinger at 3 inches.


The treble hook thing deals with the "quick strike" rigs that are typically used with large minnows/suckers for pike/musky and catfish applications.  The typical rig has two treble hooks attached to a leader; one hook is applied to the front of the minnow and the other to the back of the minnow.  Before the regs mod you had to add beads and spinners to the rig to make it appear like a "lure" so you could use it.  There is also a length limit on this rig - maximum of 9 inches between treble hooks.


None of these configurations are allowed on designated trout streams/lakes.


It also looks like they made the "ice fly" rule a little more specific.  Now you cant tie 3 separate flies to one line if you specifically angle for trout, sunfish, crappie and rock bass even in designated trout streams and lakes.  


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Mitch, that was a damn good

Mitch, that was a damn good explanation! Excellent wording.