Redhorse Taxidermy


My world record Golden Redhorse is being made into a replica My record-breaking Golden Redhorse is being made into a graphite replica, and should be done within a month. I am totally psyched to see the finished product, as the taxidermist who is doing it does an incredible job. Joshua Knuth, from, is an avid Roughfisher as well as a talented taxidermist. He contacted me after reading my blog, and after seeing his work which includes a very handsome Northern Hogsucker, I put my prized fish in his hands. He sent me some photos of the progress so far, and I thought I would share them. Here you go.

redhorse2.jpgThis is a shot of the fish and the initial fiberglass mold that was created. Boy, she was a whole lot prettier when I caught her!
redhorse1.jpgHere is a photo of the fiberglass replica, before any painting or fin work has been done.
This last image is a sketch that he did which shows how the fish will be positioned for the mount. We are going to do a backdrop or base with some rocks, and a small plaque that will tell some information about the catch. He is very pleased with how everything is coming together, as am I, and I cannot wait to see the finished product. It may be the first Golden Redhorse replica ever done. When I get the finished mount, I will put up some photos.
Andrew Geving, Roughfisher at Large