Redhorse, Black

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I am not convinced this is a black.  Lateral scale count is 44ish from my quick count.  Seems like a thick caudal peduncle.  I think it's a golden.


Ehhh, maybe black though once I looked at it more.  Would like to hear some input.

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It was definitely a Black from what I could tell. I just did a lateral scale count on another pic I took of this fish and got 46. It had that Black-sheen as well, though that certainly isn’t an identifying characteristic, not a very professional one anyway.


I can post it here again, but I think you saw a different pic of this fish on Facebook earlier. The stream I caught this fish in also gets a very heavy and consistent run of Blacks from mid-May through early June.

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It’s very hard to count due to damaged scales and the glare but I counted roughly 44 as well. The peduncle looks much slimmer in the second photo and it does have “the sheen” but not much coloration between the rays of its fins (which is where I think the blacks get their name)

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43 or 44 lateral line scales. (Or 1-2 less, depending where the actual last counted scale would be if you were dissecting it.)

Need to get photos of the pelvic fins for ray counts. If there are 10, it's a black.

Looks like a golden to me.


Redhorse ID cheatsheets, gars, suckers:

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Hmm, I’ll see if I can get Dunfee to hop on here later and give his input. He and I reviewed this fish extensively yesterday and the first thing he said was “Jesus that’s Black AF” lol. Our PA fish probably look considerably different than midwestern Blacks. At least, that’d be my guess. 

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**It's a black

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1,000% the same fish. Well, maybe we’re looking at a hybrid like we just talked about over the phone. That’d be pretty sweet, honestly. Another fish for my hybrid lifelist. Either way, this is the world’s weirdest looking Golden if it’s pure. It’s got to be at least 50% Black, man. Tubercles on the anal and lower caudal fins, but no sign of them on the head. That general sheen/color, the shape of the head. 

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Tubes - I didn't notice them on the first pic until I looked at it on a proper screen.  That should rule out a Golden (at least pure one, setting aside the hybrid possibility).  Properly counted LL scales on a Black can go as low 43, by my best counting it looks like 43/44 so it is on low end but not outside the threshold.  That first picture just looks super weird, amazing what off angle can do it make a fish ID look wrong - I wouldn't have guessed at a glance that both pics were the same fish at all. 

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screw this

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I'm trppin.

That's just a regular old Erie black. 

It's that first pic.. which I still pointed out the blackness in last night.. but on a computer screen it looks so weird...

It's a regular old PA black. Case closed. I'm done trippin out lol


but they were both boning right in front of me. That is true.



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It's true that the first shot of it lying on the ground just looks weird.  Happens sometimes.  The 2nd shot looks more natural, and I didn't notice the tubercles at first either.  Gotta be a black redhorse, just a gnarly one.  Cool catch.