Putting the “Big” in Bigmouth

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Last night while out fishing, I overheard some bowfishers saying how the spillways gates would close this morning, and how they were going to show up and shoot a bunch. I didn’t like this, so I recruited a bunch of friends to meet me there in the morning before the bowfishers showed up and take up all the space. It worked. I guess the river realized I was trying to protect it as I was able to land my personal best bigmouth buff on a white curlytail. This was one of 5 I landed today. From where we were standing (on top of the wall you see) we could see hundreds of large fish swimming about. Thankfully the bowfishers were forced elsewhere because of our presence. 


I broke one of my good rods though, rest in pieces.


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Best thing I've seen to today, congrats on that beauty! And thanks for the bow-blocking

And thanks for the bow-blocking

 Really, you could just go ahead and call it cock-blocking.laugh

No, not nice, but I truly despise the fish shootin' thing and this is a commendable group strategy.

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Congrats on the awesome fish! I caught my smallest bigmouth last night. 

Kudos for recruiting a bunch of anglers to respectfully target fish. Way to show them how it is done. 

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As much as I love hearing a good bow"fish"erman butt-kicking story a la Mr. Goodale or Moose, I think peaceful war against bowfishing monstrosities in this manner is more practical and effective. Good on you for organizing it and good on your buds for showing up in solidarity. We should do stuff like that more often. 

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Good job.  Looks like a master angler? 

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I've already got mine, but I'll probably submit this one anyways

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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NIce fish dude. 

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Way to go man

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great fish, even greater accomplishment warding off those villainous bowfartsmen, they can go be smelly and dumb someplace else yeehaw!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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I guess you could say that the bowmurderers should have kept their....bigmouths shut?!?!?

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just an update, me and a friend checked it out today and so far in about an hour we have landed 7 bigmouth. Just sayin

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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Good job man! Nice catch and way to fend off the evil, wasteful bowfishing losers.

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Very impressive fish!

mike b

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What a fantastic fish, man!
A just reward for keeping out the trash.


Great stuff!

Fishn sure is neat

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Great fish! On my Bucket list of fish to target on the fly!