Pout-O-Rama 2013!


Andy and I were up and the crack of dawn and headed north. It was 30 degrees in Minneapolis! As the sun rose, it looked like it was going to be a bright, sunny day.



Then, a dense fog rolled in which would last all day. At Gooseneck Bend, Korman, a long-time lurker, greeted us with disturbing news - he'd been there since dawn and caught only rock bass. But Korman did manage to catch the first pout of the day before he had to leave. Nice to meetcha, Korman, and congrats on the nice 'pout!



Sarah was next! She and Angry Mongrel showed up just fifteen minutes after we did, and they got to fishing right away. Sarah released this nice pout, just as Mongrel was bringing up another fish!



This pout was probably around 8 pounds. A real beast of a fish, and it ended up being the biggest of the day. FishingDude14, E. Subvaria, John, Wormhunter, and Roughfish29 all got to congratulate Mongrel on his awesome catch. E-sub landed a large yellow perch. Then, FishingDude hooked a fish! Could it be his lifelister burbot?



Nope. Just a walleye. Sometimes, Mother Nature is cruel. Not to Angry Mongrel, though.


Not today.



He and Sarah were king and queen of Pout-O-Rama 2013. Also, they were smart enough to leave before the weather turned foul. It started with sleet, then snow, then 40-mile-an-hour winds that blew the ice shacks over. Fish were passing beneath our holes quite regularly, sometimes more than one at a time - but they wouldn't bite. Finally, just as it was getting dark, Andy hooked into a fish 5 feet from the bottom.



This feisty burbot refused to pose for the camera. But it put a smile on Andy's face on what was a pretty tough day if your last name isn't "Mongrel". No pout for me this year. Thanks to Andy for arranging this trip, and to everyone who made it out (and hopefully survived the trip home!) Till next year - keep it slimy!




Species Covered:


D.T.'s picture

Goin to get my name leagally changed to Mongrel. Nice catches for sure.

Dr Flathead's picture

Dang nice pout there Mongrel!  Bet them will be some tasty specimens.

Korman's picture

I started the morning in the deeper slower water which apparently wasn't where the pout wanted to be. Once I moved into the shallower water with more current started seeing plenty of pout 10 foot down over 16. Was great to meet you guys, hope to make the round-up down in my neck of the woods next year.


Cast_and_Blast's picture

Nice catch there Mongrel.  Nice pic of a pair of big pout.

Eli's picture

Really nice looking burbs! 

You're really cramping Mike B's style posing like that with big burbot. Last guy to do that ended up in a sidewalk...




i dont think anyone was pouting about the pout :D