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Pounded the NS

This year has been a bit strange to say the least.  I was only able to schedule one Superior North Shore trip which was a major bummer, but worst of all its already at the tail end of the run, maybe.  I met up with Adam and Derek in Walker, transferred three days worth of camping and Steelheading gear for the three guys into the Tahoe and started our journey.


We got to Beaver Bay around 1am and slept in the truck at the Superior Hiking Trail checkpoint.  7am on Friday we were streamside on the Toxic Cesspool and things couldn't have felt any better.  We fished The Tox for the better half of a day and came up short on fish other than a couple small Brookies.


Friday afternoon and evening was on the Thermonuclear Waste Pond lookin' for da Loopers up in dem streams der. Da Loopers were dare jus not hittin'.  I did however connect with a couple fish from a species not yet caught by me.  Trying to catch da Loopers, I noticed a small pod of Longnosed Suckers milling around the tail of a pool.  I immediately cut off my globug and tied on a nymph and slammo; new species, and actually quite a sleek fish.  I ended up catching 2.

 Their behavior seemed similar to the White Sucker, but these Longnose seemed more agile.  They definitively love flies!


Day 2 saw us heading north; further up than I've ever been.  The lower shore had really low water conditions, so we figured the upper shore would probably have more runoff; and we were right.  We fished the Spittoon in the early half of the day. Derek picked up 2 small Steelhead, smolts.  We did see many nice fish in here, but they've been fished hard and just wouldn't hit.


Afternoon finds us on the Septic Dump.  This is my favorite North Shore stream I've ever fished.  Eddies, current, undercuts, deep pools, riffles, snag piles, and boulders galore.

I found a sweet little trickle of a feeder stream with a narrow canyon and very fairy tale feel.

When I worked my way up it to the headwater pool, it felt like a enchanted place with toadstools, trolls, and fairies.  The magic was in the seven foot diameter pool.  Beautiful little Brook Trout.

Adam caught a nice sized Steelhead, but was alone and didn't get a picture.  Guess, we just gotta believe him!


Day 3 was a slow start as our bodies where wearing badly from the intensitity of our adventure.  Sleeping folded like a pretzel in the truck.  Next night sleep in a fishhouse that leaks and waking up in a puddle of water.  So day 3 we slept in a bit.  When we got up we decided to pound the Septic Dump and work it as hard as we could.  The fish were there, they were just preoccupied with spawning and would pay no attention to flies.


I was happy with my Longnose and the couple Brookies.  I fished new waters and enjoyed the scenery every minute.  I can't wait to get back up there again.

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Congrats on the Longnose! 

Congrats on the Longnose!  Too bad conditions were tough, hopefully next year will be better.

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Stunning country over there!

Stunning country over there! 'Grats on the longnose lifer.




Carp Chaser
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very cool area and what an

very cool area and what an awesome longnose. congrats.

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Dem dere longnose suckas sure are pretty ones, don'cha know!!

I LOOOOOVE the Superior Hiking Trail. Absolutely cannot beat some of the scenery and also can't beat the nice, free, abundant campsites (although it doesn't sound like you got to enjoy any of them, haha wink)! There's a real lack of free camping down here in SC.

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On an awesome lifer!

And yeah, that sure doesn't look like a horrible place to fish.


Fishn sure is neat

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It was awesome and would have been epic if the Steelies would have cooperated better.