potential Satinfin Shiner

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potential Satinfin Shiner

Wanted to get some opinions on this fish, been having tough time getting input on it.   I originally decided to let it go as inconclusive, but I have re-opened the case.  This was caught in Delaware River where both Spotfin and Satinfin Shiners are found, Spotfin being more prevalent.  Not great pic but there appears to be pigmentation all across the dorsal fin, which sounds like a key factor for distinguishing between the 2.  Tough to get a good count of the anal rays from the pic, but I'm thinking the dorsal pigmentation is enough to declare this a Satinfin.  Does anyone agree? Would y'all count this as a Satinfin on your lists?








Nah, it looks more like the Spottail Shiner (Notropis hudsonius) or the Swallowtail shiner (I forgot its scientific name. Tight lines!

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Looks more like Notropis than Cyprinella

so I thought the guys at the

so I thought the guys at the NANFA site believed it to be Cyprinella and it was just whether it was Spotfin or Satinfin.  It's definetely not a Swallowtail, but if it's Notropis I would agree with Spottail.  For some reason, Spottail Shiner in the northeast is different from the Spottails further south, which is used for most pictures of the fish.  It's weird and hard to ID.  Need to clear up Notropis vs Cyprinella here I guess, thanks

thanks dudes.  Case closed,

thanks dudes.  Case closed, Spottail Shiner